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A report from Tracy Baker – Housekeeper at The Shurland Hotel

Weird things that have happened whilst I’m at work, and things that still happen!

Conversation between Steven Haynes and myself:

Steve: Tracy can you please remember to turn off the lights in room one.

Tracy: I did! Or I thought I did?

Steve:  You obviously didn’t as it was on last night.

Nothing more thought about it until the next day:

Steve: I askedyou yesterday to make sure you turned off the lights please, it’s a waste of electricity!

Tracy: Now I know I definitely did this time!!!

Steve: Well it was on last night, so please make sure you make sure it’s switched off.

Off I go mumbling under my breath at the unfairness of being accused and cursing the switch itself ..

This kind of conversation went on over a few months, with me thinking I was losing the plot!

I get on with my job, really trying to think back, did I turn off the light? Positive I did! That day there were two housekeepers, myself and my colleague Marie, after cleaning room one, conversation between the two of us:


Tracy: Ok so room one is done, I am now turning off the light, watch me Marie so you can verify I did it.

Marie: (laughing) It’s really bugging you isn’t it?  Right…the light is off, lock the door quick!

Tracy: I swear to god this place is haunted, stupid light! (or words to that general effect!!! ) We will come back here before we leave and check it again ok?

Marie: You can, I’m staying outside if you think it’s haunted!


We carried on with out work and get to the end of the shift, We were walking through the corridor towards room one ..and I could see the light was on from a slight crack under the door! Nobody had been upstairs, nobody else had the key as the previous customer had left it in the room, it was now in my back pocket and the only other key was on the bunch in my hand. So you tell me…faulty electrics? No I think not as a fault would not have moved the actual switch. Naughty ghost trying to get me into trouble with the boss?..or worse…trying to make me think I’m going mad !!! (no comments necessary from those who know me – thank you!)

Another incident is the door lock in room two. This lock unlocks itself, customer’s have reported both to myself and Marie that the door has mysteriously opened by itself throughout the night. I have done the checks with Marie as in room one….’watch me lock this door…tried the door to make sure it is locked, walked away 100% confident only to find it unlocked again before the end of the shift.  Left that corridor with some haste  !!

Various other things happen, things being ‘lost’ only to have them turn up in a strange place, quite often I feel a chill in room seven..almost like a door has been opened and it’s freezing outside..very odd on a hot summers day! Rooms one, two and seven are located in the old part of the hotel (right under the Managers flat..actually wooooo spooky place to sleep!) I’m sure other things will happen…keep you posted!


Captured CCTV footage…

We have known for a fair while now that there is a distinct paranormal air within our premises, with strange occurences having been witnessed on countless occasions by staff, customers and hotel guests…but this time we caught one such instance on our CCTV system.

One of our bar cameras caught the moment a full pint glass flew off the table during a morning staff briefing. We were so shocked by it, we rewound the footage and have now posted it here for all to see.

We hope this is just the first of many supernatural happenings we manage to capture – believe me we have more than our fair share! Could we be the most haunted hotel on Sheppey?! Keep your eyes peeled for future postings.

Welcome to our new Blog!

Hello all!

Firstly, let me introduce myself briefly. I’m Sam and I work for the Shurland Hotel, in Eastchurch, on the Isle of Sheppey. Yes it is an island…we are attached to the mainland via two bridges…. I deal with all of the Hotel’s advertising, marketing, payroll, staff training, reservations and anything else that ends up on my desk!


The Shurland, formally known as The Crooked Billet, was built over 200 years ago – and has a few characters that like to remind us they are still around, in one way or another!

The Shurland

More about the Hotel and The Crooked Billet, including old photographs can be found here:

I hope to update this as often as possible, with events, sightings & things that go bump in the night as they happen. We’ve had a huge number of occurences in the two years we have been here, & we are looking forward to sharing some of our stories with you.

Please bookmark this blog and check back soon for updates!

Sam x